Wallop (Super Mario 3D Land)

A Wallop artwork

Appearance: A Whomp who block Mario's path
Games where they appear: Super Mario 3D Land (2011)
Origin: Super Mario Games

Ignoring the obvious Lord of the Rings reference, here's an example of a Wallop blocking Mario's path.

Wallops are enemies appearing in the Nintendo game, Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS.

Causes of RAGEEdit

This peculiar enemy is really annoying. He copies the player's movements, and don't let him/her pass. If the player jumps, he jumps. A bad thing is when the player are on a cliff and tries to avoid him, but accidentally fall down. The worst scenario is in a level where the player is chased by Cosmic Mario and encounters a Wallop near a cliff.


  • Despite their RAGE inducing behaviour, they are quite adorable.
    • Even more so, it IS possible to defeat it, which is accomplished by standing underneath it with Statue Mario/Statue Luigi or by landing on them with said Power Up.
  • Since Wallop ALWAYS jumps higher than the player, if the player times it right, he/she can easily slip past him or even use him as a jumping platform. Homewer, if they don't take the good time, they get stomped by him, so it is recommended that the player moves past him, instead of under him.
  • For now, they only appeared in Super Mario 3D Land.
  • Tanooki Mario (especially Statue Mario) is the most useful power-up to use against him.