The Train Transformation.

The Train Transformation appears in the Nintendo and Hal Laboratory's game Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Causes of RAGEEdit

Even if Kirby's Epic Yarn can be considered the easiest game ever existed in history, the Train Transformation can be really annoying to use, due to it's weird control and since it can easily fall of the track. It's potentially even more annoying in 2 player mode, because if one of the players is better than the other, he/she will (most likely) only be an obstacle to the other player.


  • Even if both player are good with the Train Transformation, they'll probably take different paths, making Kirby and Prince Fluff fall.
    • Thus making it important to strategize with the other player.
      • However, if one of the players make the wrong move, the situation can be quite problematic.