Supreme Bladewing is the final boss of the indie game Star Shards. 

Causes of RAGEEdit

Although Bladewing isn't so strong normally, but after he absorbs the Supreme Star Shard, he becomes the hardest boss in the game. He is super fast, he can fly(while the player can't), he has a lot of HP and every time the player hits him he becomes giant! The thing that provocates most rage is that he can heal himself. PLUS, he can transform the player's weapons into Explosive Fake Star Shards AND the player can only fight him ALONE, since his/her friends are trapped in the Golden Castle.


  • Although normal Bladewing is pretty easy in every other battle, Supreme Bladewing, on the other hand, is the hardest boss in Star Shards.
  • Supreme Bladewing, Hydro Hydra and King Metalslime are the only enemies/bosses that can break Diamond Shields.