This article is a list of RAGE inducing elements in the Nintendo franchise, Super Mario

The hateful Toad.

Super Mario RAGE Moments!Edit

  • Losing at the end of the level can be seriously RAGE inducing. (Bros.Series)
  • The moment when the player lacks Power-Ups and encounters a Hammer Bro. (Bros.Series)
  • The moment when the player accidentically pick up a Mini-Mushroom or Poison Mushroom and ends up losing a rare Power-Up, such as the Hammer Suit. (Bros.Series)
  • The moment when the player can't beat a castle. (Most Mario games)
  • When other players kill you to save themselves from danger. (New Super Mario Bros. Wii/ New Super Mario Bros. Wii U)
  • When the player wants to complete the game to 100%, but he/she can't do a particular level. (Most Mario games)
  • When other players are slow and you have to wait them to complete the level. (NSMBW & NSMBU)
  • The moment when the player loses a Starman that has fallen down a pit...(Bros.series & 3D Land)
  • When the Koopa Shell the player threw comes back, hitting him/her.(Bros.Series)
  • When the player plays Super Mario Bros. for the first time and at every castle finds a Toad saying: "Thank you Mario! But the princess is in another castle!"
  • Losing Yoshi (any Mario game with Yoshi in it)