Snipe Anteator 1

Official artwork of Snipe Anteator

Snipe Anteator is a boss from the Capcom game, Mega Man X7, for the PS2. He is the most difficult boss in the game

Causes of RAGEEdit

The battle against Snipe Anteator takes place on a cylinderical platform. In the first phase, he will simply release Soldier Ants, which will wil home in and explode if the player goes near them, while occasionaly going under the platform, and launch more Soldier Ants. After taking more damage, phase 2 wil begin, and he will use the cannon on his back. The cannon does a decent amount of damage, but that's not his most dangerous attack. When phase 3 begins, however, things will get hectic, as Snipe Anteator will send tons of Soldier Ants, fire his cannon like a madman, hide under the platform more often and send forth a new attack, hovering drones that fires explosive laser, which are almost impossible to dodge. All in all, it is not reccomended to face Snipe Anteator first...


  • Altough X and Zero are effective at taking him down, the player has to be quick, very quick...