8-bit Skel adfs
Appearance: A skeleton version of a Monsta
Games where they appear: Bubble Bobble Double Shot
Origin: Bubble Bobble games
 Skel is an enemy appearing in most Bubble Bobble games, but he provocates RAGE in Bubble Bobble Double Shot.

Causes of RAGEEdit

Skel appears when the player takes too much time to win the level. Some levels in the game can take some time to be won, and then Skel appears, complicating things. They follow the player, PLUS they are unkillable, so the player can only run away, but luckily they are slower than the three playable dinosaurs (the game's characters). The worst thing is that they make all the enemies that the player need to catch to win the level angry, so they and their attacks become faster. Skel provocates a even more RAGE because in this game, if the player loses all his/her lives, he/she have to restart ALL THE WHOLE GAME !!!


  • Skel looks like a skeleton Monsta.
  • Skels can't be defeated, but if the player gets an Invincible Heart, he will run away instead of chasing the player.
  • In the Haunted World a giant Skel appears as a boss. The only way to beat it is to activate the buttons with the dinosaur of the same color, at a the end an Invincible Heart can be found and used to beat it.