The Shotgun Trooper (Shotgunner) from Transformers: FOC is a very annoying enemy in the game first appearing Chapter 2: Defend the Ark

Causes of RAGE!Edit

The main source of RAGE experienced is in Chapter 5's Survive The Decepticon Assault mission, which is RAGE inducing on it's own. In this, the main enemy is the Shotgunner, who can jump high enough to go where only the player can go if he has the Grapple Ability.

The Shotgunner has damage comparable to that of the Leaper and/or Sniper. If the player has no perks, a kill can be made by the shotgunner in 4 hits in easy mode, 3 hits in normal mode, and 1-2 hits in hard mode.

The enemy requires 1 clip of the Neutron Assault Rifle or two P.O.K.E. Beta melee strikes to kill.


  • They, surprisingly, have stronger guns than the player, as seen by using the V32 Cyber Corrupt@r.
  • Their shotguns do not shoot in quite the same way as the Scatter Blaster or Energon Harvester.


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