Rage Quit - Mirror's Edge

Rage Quit - Mirror's Edge

An example of Rage Quiting. Note: Contains strong language


Rage Faces are often used to depict Rage Quits

RAGE Elements are elements in several video games that can cause: annoyance, anger, Rage and even Rage Quits.

What is Rage Quiting?Edit

Rage Quiting is the act of quitting a game due to elements in the game causing Rage. Some people Rage Quit before they explode with Rage, to prevent themselves from damaging things or hurting other people.


Annoyance is when a Rage Element is simply annoying the player, not causing direct Rage. This is the mildest form of Rage Quiting.


The normal Anger is when a Rage Element begins to irritate the player, but if it doesn't become True Rage,it can help the player to win (in some situations),  since at this point, he/she uses a more aggressive approach.

True RageEdit

True Rage often comes,due to certain Levels, Enemies, Obstacles, Unbalancing and sometimes even Characters. It can be dangerous, since an angry player can hurt someone or break something (especially if he/she flips a table).


Table flipping can be really dangerous.

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