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Shiny Voltorb uses Selfdestruct!

This article is a list of the most RAGE inducing elements of the Nintendo and Game Freak franchise Pokémon.

Pokémon RAGE Moments!Edit

  • The moment when the player loses against the last Pokémon of the Last Opponent on PWT. (Black 2/White 2)
  • The moment when the player want to catch a Pokémon, but a move he/she uses ends up fainting the wild Pokémon. (All games)
  • When the player finds a Shiny Pokémon with Selfdestruct/Explosion, and said moves are used before the Pokémon can be caught. (All games, Voltorb is especially famous for this)
  • The moment when the player use Dragon types on the PWT, and he/she'll face Candice in the first round. (White 2/Black 2)
  • The moment when Eevee evolves into the undesired evolution.
  • The moment when the player wants to trade a Pokémon egg with his/her friend, but has a lot of eggs, and have forgotten which egg contains what.
  • The moment when the player encounters a human opponent who uses an Action Replay device to win. (Note: Action Replay devices are basically devices used to hack or cheat in a game)