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The three Robot Masters that compromise the Mega Man II Rage Triangle. Clockwise from left; Heat Man, Air Man and Wood Man.

The Mega Man II Rage Triangle is a famous Rage Element in the Capcom game, Mega Man II. The reason for this Rage Triangle is simple. In every Mega Man game, the player has the ability to chose which order he/she wants to fight the bosses in. However, Mega Man II is famous (and infamous) for being very unbalanced. The good side of this is, after the player defeats the Robot Master, Metal Man, he/she recieves the Metal Blade, a weapon that can be aimed everywhere, has a HUGE amount of energy and is insanely powerful.

The bad side, however, is this Rage Triangle. In Heat Man's stage, there is a part where the player has to jump across a large lava pool, while jumping on disappearing/re-appearing blocks. This is ridicoulusly difficult without the Item- 2, a hoverboard- like item the player recieves from defeating Air Man. However, due to the infamous difficulty in both Air Man's stage AND Air Man himself, this can be a shortcoming to most players.

While Air Man is weak to the Leaf Shield, Wood Man's weapon, aquiring the Leaf Shield can be difficult, due to the highly damaging and unpredictable enemies in Wood Man's stage. Also, Wood Man himself can protect himself with the Leaf Shield, preventing the player from damaging him. Wood Man can also cause unpredictable leaves fall from the ceiling. While he is somewhat weak to the Metal Blade and extremely suspectible to the Heat Wave, this is a shortcoming due to the Leaf Shield.

The fight against Heat Man is not as RAGE inducing as the other two, it is simply the matter of reaching him. The fight is annoying, however, since Heat Man can dash across the room, which can easiliy hit the player. Plus he can protect himself from all damage (by closing his casing, since he is based off of a zippo). While Heat Man cannot attack in this state, he is invincible to all attacks for a few seconds. This can be troublesome when trying to hit him with the Lead Bubble. A weapon with very limited energy supply.


  • This Rage Triangle is one of two things in Meg Man II that is infamous for RAGE inducing. The other thing is Quick Man.