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Welccome to Rage Quit wiki! On this wiki, we aim to document things in video games that makes players RAGE! We also aim to document instances of Rage Quiting on Youtube, such as in Let's Plays. We want YOU, to help this wiki grow and you can help out by editing and adding pages.

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This wiki is ment to document the topic of "Rage Quitting", which is the act of stop playing the game because of one or several Rage inducing element(s). Rage Elements vary from being, obstacles, missions, enemies, characters or rude players. However, there are certain Rage Quit factors that will not be documented such as, quitting an online game just because the player dies.

We hope for a lot of support for this wiki and we hope you have a good time editing.

Note: Feel free to tell about you're personal Rage Quit history, but ONLY on you're user page.


  • You may add moments in games that are RAGE inducing on one page.
  • You may add RAGE inducing Characters, Levels, Enemies and Obstacles on seperate pages.
  • If you are going to document Rage Quit moments from Youtube, please remember to add the video and the moment it happens on.
  • Add personal Rage Quits on your user page only.
  • Vandalism, trolling and unpolite behaviour will NOT be tolerated, and users who commits such acts will be blocked.
  • Since this wiki branches out to multiple video game franchises, editors must always refer to the reader as "The player".
  • If you are new to this wiki, then please check already existing pages to see how things are done here.
  • Swearing on pages that does not contain mature content is prohibited.
  • All users should add themselves to the "Users" Category page, for easy reference.
  • Please see the pages; "Rage Elements" and "Character Rage" if you don't know where to start.

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