Like-Like (Legend of Zelda)

3D render of the Like-Like

Appearance: Mollusk- like creatures.
Games where they appear: The Legends of Zelda series
Origin: Hyrule
The Like-Like is a creature that appaers in a lot of Legend of Zelda games. It is a mollusk like creature that moves very slowly, but can in most situations be annoying.

Causes of RAGEEdit

The Like-Like moves very slowly, but can appear when and where the player least expects it. It also has a pretty logn reach and once it grabs a player, it will swallow him/her, only to spit him/her out, stealing certain items and, in most games, cause 1 heart of damage.

If the player doesn't kill it quickly after being spit out, the player will lose the stolen items (tunics, shields, etc.) which can be expensive in some situations. It is especially annoying when the player doesn't have time to play anymore and gets swallowed, forcing him/her to kill it quickly, before it consumes the important items. In most games, however, it is possible to counter this situation by equiping the items that cannot be stolen before the player is spat out.