Hydro Hydra is a boss appearing in the fangame Star Shards. As the name says, Hydro Hydra is an Hydra completely made of Water. It's the boss of the Frosty Swamp.

Causes of RAGEEdit

Although it isn't so fast, his attacks are really strong, plus they can break even Diamond Shields. The thing that provocates most RAGE is that Hydro Hydra is invincible.The player can't hit it trough normal means, he/she need to wait when Hydro Hydra evocate a giant wave, jump on the wave, which is hard because if the player does it wrong the wave hits him/her AND he/she needs to get on fast. When the player is on the wave, he/she must then jump on the Hydra and quickly jump on one of the columns.Take an Ice Device on the column and shot Hydro Hydra (the Ice Device will disappear after the player shoots). It will freeze and become vulnerable, but after 15 seconds it will defrost and continue it attacks.


  • Hydro Hydra, Supreme Bladewing and King Metalslime are the only bosses that can break Diamond Shields.
  • Even if the player misses his/her shot at Hydro Hydra, the Ice Device will disappear in any case. However, it will reappear, but ONLY WHEN the player get off the column.