A Guardian in it's Battle mode.

Guardians are enemies from the High Moon Studios game, Transformers Fall of Cybertron, for the PS3, XBox 360 and the PC.  

Causes of RAGEEdit

The Guardians are Decepticons that appears in the both the game's Campaign mode and it's Escalation mode (survival mode). They possess two different forms, Investigate mode (which has the ability to see trough cloaking technology) and Battle mode, where they have increased armor and firepower. They are

A Guardian in it's Investigate mode (note the green beam coming from it's eye)

not too bad in campaign, as a fully upgraded Scatter Blaster (a fully automatic shotgun) can easily defeat them, even in Battle mode. And when they are in Investigate mode, the player can silently assassinate them from behind.

In Escalation mode, however, they are much more difficult, since they have a LOT of backup with them, and the player(s) weapons are un-upgradable in Escalation. It also is impossible to sneak up on them since there is no Cloak in Escalation and they always know where the player(s) are. The EMP shockwave they can use to disable Abilities doesn't make things better.


  • 1A

    Original concept art featuring a third, unused form.

    Originaly, the Guardians where supposed to have a third form, a Patrol form.
    • The Patrol form probably got removed because High Moon Studios couldn't find any usage for it. Since it is a rather pointless mode for the Guardian, the Investigate mode is used for patroling and investigation
      • It is unknown if the Patrol form is canon or non- canon.
  • Their weapons looks similar to the Thermo Rocket Launcher from Transformers War For Cybertron. However, the Guardian's weapons charge up and fire green energy spheres.
  • It is quite comical to assassinate them with Starscream. The animation that occurs shows Starscream strapping a bomb on the Guardian's back. The Guardian turns around and transforms into Battle mode to fight him, only to get blown up by said bomb.