The Golden Castle is a level appearing in the DS fangame Star Shards.

Causes of RAGEEdit

In the Golden Castle,the player must find the last Star Shard,that is guarded by the Gold King,that can transform everything he touches into gold. The level is hard because you need to find 3 golden amulets,that will transform into a bridge. The reason why this level is so much RAGE inducing is the Golden Liquid! It will turn the player into gold(that is a Game Over). Just when the player got the last Star Shard and he/she fuses them all into the Supreme Star Shard,Bladewing appears stealing it! And PLUS,he evocates Goldark Spirit,the Boss of Golden Castle. The Boss isn't so hard,but he throws everywhere puddles of Golden Liquid,that is really annoying!


  • The Gold King is based off King Midas.
  • The bridge is required because under it there is a giant puddle of Golden Liquid.