This one Pokémon is harder than Whitney's Miltank!

Who is Flannery?Edit

Flannery is a gym leader in the Pokémon Hoenn games who deliberately kills your Pokémon in Nuzlockes.

Why is Torkoal overpowered?Edit

Her Torkoal will set up sunny day, make your Pokémon fall in love with it, hit you with overheat which is impossible to survive, use a white herb to restore it's special attack, overheat again and body slam everything until it killed everything! Also, you can't lower it's stats because of it's white smoke ability! She also shouts "Look at me! Look at me! I'm the captain now!" after beating all your Pokémon! One way of defeating her monstorous Torkoal is to inflict it with toxic or use a good water type such as Azumarill or Swampert/Marshtomp, they should do the job. But Torkoal will use SUPER OVEPOWERED HEALING TECHINIQUE which replaces it's ability with wonder guard and makes every water pokemon in the world turned to stone!