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The Egg Blizzard is an enemy from the SEGA and Sonic Team game, Sonic Unleashed for the PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. It is a robot created by Dr
Egg blizzard

Official artwork of the Egg Blizzard

. Eggman and is a variation of the Egg Typhoon.

Cause of RAGEEdit

It stands completely still, but it can turn around and freeze the player. It appears in Holoska both night and day and Adabat only at night.

At day stages it causes RAGE when the player tries to get an S Rank. It can easily (and instantly) freeze the player so he/she can't move and he/she is most likely to lose the S Rank

In night stages the player has to suffer trough ice physics while dealing with Dark Gaia's minions and Egg Blizzards at the same time. In some places, the player has to jump on different platforms. However, there are Egg Blizzards on the platforms, capable of freezing Sonic the Werehog in midair, causing the player to fall to his/her death.The scream of Sonic the Werehog is funny at first, but starts to get annoying after MANY retries.

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  • Similar to how the Nightmare enemies has similar color schemes to the Pokémon Groudon and Kyogre, Egg Blizzard and it's cousins all look very similar to the Pokémon Poliwhirl.
  • Egg Blizzard and it's cousins's ability to shoot certain types of air stream from a fan in their belly, is very similar to Air Man's ability to blow air from his fan, in Mega Man II.

Other variantsEdit

The other variant and the first the player meet is the Egg Typhoon

Official artwork of the Egg Typhoon

. It only blows wind and is the most common type of the enemy.