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A closeup on a Creeper.

The Creeper is the most famous enemy in the Mojang Studios game, Minecraft for the PC, XBox360, IOS and Mobile Phone.

Causes of RAGEEdit

The Creeper is infamous for, well, creeping up on players and then explode. Not only will this kill an unarmored player in one hit, but it will also destroy a large portion of the landscape. Plus they ALWAYS appear when a player dosn't want them to appear.

RAGE inducing things Creepers can cause;
Minecraft Creeper Explosion Montage

Minecraft Creeper Explosion Montage

A montage of Creeper incidents.


  • Creepers can destroy the player's shelter. This is especially bad if the player dosn't have enough resources to repair the shelter before nighttime falls (since at nighttime, tons of enemies appear).
    • It is also bad if a Creeper destroys the shelter during nighttime.
  • Creepers can cause a lot of destruction in mineshafts. This is bad, since it can cause players to get lost when attempting to get out, AND the explosion can destroy valuable ore.
  • Creepers can destroy player- built structures. This is RAGE inducing if the exposion destroys blocks made of rare materials.
    • Since the player probably spent a lot of hard work on building the structure and collecting the rare resources, Rage Quits are not uncommon.
  • Creepers can destroy droppings, such as resources dropped by other enemies or items dropped by players. This can be seriously RAGE inducing when trying to collect Ender Pearls from Endermen.
    • Creepers can also kill other enemies. This is, once again, RAGE inducing during Endermen hunts, since the Creeper can easily damage or kill the players, and the the destruction on the terrain can make it difficult to find the dropped Ender Pearl (If the Enderman did drop a Pearl).
    • But this can result in a positive thing, because if the player avoids the explosion, the Creeper will kill himself and other enemies.