Cosmic Mario
Cosmic Clsfsfs
Appearance: A purple version of Small Mario, with yellow eyes
Games where they appear: Super Mario 3D Land
Origin: Super Mario Games
Cosmic Mario is an enemy appearing in the Nintendo game Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS.

Causes of rageEdit

They follow Mario/Luigi's every single movement! The player has limited time to think about what to do, because Cosmic Mario/Luigi follows him/her with the same speed. He even provocates more rage in his Giant Form, being faster and harder to avoid (and can go trough obstacles that the player can't).


  • An enemy called Cosmic Clone, that appears in Super Mario Galaxy (both), acts in a similar way to Cosmic Mario.
  • Even if the player "kills" Cosmic Mario with a Starman, he'll return in about 5 seconds.
  • A funny thing happens when the player bumps on an enemy, since Cosmic Mario/Luigi will bump on that enemy too.