Count Veger from Jak 3. One of the most hated video game characters in video game history.

 Character Rage is the term used on this wiki to describe RAGE caused by characters.

Note: Generic enemies does not count for this term. As a side note, the character must have personality to be fit for this term.

What is Character RAGE?Edit

Character RAGE is seen mostly in the form of hatable characters. Such characters gets hated due to several factors;

  • The character may have commited a cruel act beyond forgiving (i.e Steven Armstrong turning hundreds of children into cyborg soldiers against their will in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)
  • The character may have personality that is downright hatable (i.e Count Veger's manipulative, cruel and uncaring personality in Jak 3) or simply annoying (i.e Tidus (from Final Fantasy X) whining constantly)
  • Sometimes, Character RAGE comes from both the character itself AND the boss figth against him/her (i.e Steven Armstrong's cruel acts and personality and his irritating (but fun, if the player is good enough) boss fight) 


For a hateable character to be listed on this wiki, the following criteria must be followed;

  • The character has to be hated by both the general community and critics.
    • If unsure if the character is hated by the general community and critics, discuss the character with other members.
  • A boss cannot be categorized as a Hatable Character if the boss fight is the only RAGE inducing element. (i.e Air Man)
  • Characters that are hated despite having none of the mentioned factors or are hated despite meaning no harm (i.e Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) should not be listed on this wiki.

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