Official artwork of the infamous Air Man.

is a boss from the Capcom game Mega Man II for the NES. He is a Robot Master created by Dr. Albert W. Wily and is infamous for being one of the hardest bosses in the game, along with Quick Man. He is a part of the Mega Man II Rage Triangle.

Causes of RAGEEdit

Not only Air Man himself is RAGE inducing, the level the player has to navigate before fighting him is very RAGE inducing, due to Gremlins, enemies that home in on the player, Air Tikkis, platforms that spawns Gremlins and has drills on both edges, Fan Fiends, enemies that blows the player away, Pipis, robotic birds that drops capsules, which releases several small Pipis that homes in on the player, Scworms, enemies that bounces around and are hard to dodge, Lightning Lords, enemies that occupy platforms and throw Lightning Bolts at the player and of course; the obligatory bottomless pits.

Air Man himself is even more RAGE inducing, since during the fight, he will stand in one side of the room and use the fan in his chest to blow the player away from him, while simultaneously launching several tornadoes that covers a lot of the screen, leaving the player with a very small dodging space. Sometimes it is downright impossible to dodge this attack. The tornadoes also protects Air Man from any attacks the player uses. Air Man also occasionaly jump to the other side of the room. If the player stands still when he does so, then he/she gets free time to attack Air Man, since he will have his back turned to the player. However, if the player dosn't jump, then he/she will bump into Air Man, due to his fan sucking him/her in, causing damage. If the player do jump over Air Man, he/she will have to dodge Air Man's tornadoes. All of this can cause a lot of frustration and Rage Quits.

Air Man Ga TaosenaiEdit

Airman ga Taosenai ("I Cannot Defeat Airman") English Subs, Re-translation and Karaoke

Airman ga Taosenai ("I Cannot Defeat Airman") English Subs, Re-translation and Karaoke.

Video of the Air Man Ga Taosenai song.

Air Man Ga Taosenai (meaning Air Man Won't Die) is a famous, fan- made song, sung in Japanese, that centers around the frustration and difficulty in fighting Air Man. It is also the origin of the Mega Man II Rage Triangle. Air Man is not the only Robot Master in the song, since Wood Man also appears.